Three Offers

September 30th, 2009 by Editor B

After a couple weeks of little to no activity, we got three offers on our house yesterday.

There’s a long way to go to actually close the deal, of course. So I’m not throwing any parties, but I can’t deny that my mind is athrob with a steady pulse of excitement. We might just pull this off after all.

So I’m celebrating with music, of course. Here’s a mix of long, (mostly) mellow rhythms which seem appropriate to my mood. Only ten tracks, but over two hours of music, by Psychick Warriors ov Gaia, Grasspig, Steve Reich and others.

Anyway, enjoy. And keep your fingers crossed for us.

3 Responses to “Three Offers”

  1. oyster Says:

    Congratulations on the offers! That’s a good first step. I wish I had three offers on a particular property I’m trying to sell right now.

  2. sean Says:

    I’ve got my toes crossed. I need my hands for computing.

  3. Jenny Rieth Says:

    I jumped to “our house” category on your blog ’cause I wasn’t patient enough to read any others to get here.

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