Stairway to Levee Flag

January 28th, 2009 by Editor B

I was putting up posters last week for the Beyond Jena forum. I thought to myself, “New Orleans East always gets left out of the mix these days. I’m going to start out there.” So I drove out there and started looking around for a little coffeeshop or some such where I could put a poster.

Damn. I don’t get out there much, but I was soon well reminded of just how devastated the East was by the floods, and how much is still just gone.

I didn’t find a coffeehouse. But I did find the lakeside levee. I took this picture at the end of Read Boulevard.

Stairway to Heaven

Not bad for a phone camera. I cropped it so the three horizontal elements were roughly equal. J. Stratton said he liked the flatness of it. “Very abstract. Could almost be a flag.”

That got me thinking. When I had a spare moment yesterday, I took the original into Photoshop and dropped a heavy horizontal blur on it, ran it through a median filter with a huge radius, boosted the saturation and tweaked the tonality.

The result:

Levee Flag

I like this. But it’s easy to get carried away with Photoshop.

I finally did manage to get a poster up in the window of a little grocery. I was going to take a picture of it, but I got panhandled in the parking lot, so I didn’t linger.

2 Responses to “Stairway to Levee Flag”

  1. Scott Says:

    I like the former more than the latter.

  2. Jason C Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, those are the stairs that were on the levee adjacent to my fishing camp, which was along Hayne Boulevard just past Read. It was a neat place ( that Katrina took. Nothing left but a few pilings.

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