Common Cold

January 14th, 2009 by Editor B

My sore throat of a couple days developed into something that seemed more like a cold last night, so today I am staying home, resting, hydrating, and eating plenty of Xy’s patented chicken soup. Seems like I’ve had lots of little ailments over the last year that seem like mini-colds — a little briefer and less severe than the real thing. Maybe I’ve just forgotten what colds are like, or maybe I’m getting exposed to new kiddie bugs via daycare, or maybe Xy’s patented chicken soup nips them in the bud. Hard to say, but I hope to be back in the game tomorrow. This morning I was idly wondering, if someone invented a drug that cured the common cold but also increased one’s chances of getting cancer later in life, would it sell?

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  1. liprap Says:

    Feel better!

    And as for your cold cure question, it depends on whether or not one is living in the here and now or thinking of the future. Here and now – take that drug and to hell with the consequences. Future – naaaah, the short-term discomfort’s okay.

  2. Marion Says:

    Truth be told, we all die of cancer eventually. Either that or mortal wounds.

  3. Sherry Whetstone Says:

    First of all, refuah shleimah (may you have a complete recovery). Second, I would guess that most people would take the permanent cold cure. Not to have any colds anymore, ever? I think the common reaction would be: Yeah! After all, cancer is what other people get — and its *only* an increased risk, after all …

    Reminds me of a study made years ago. They found that young people were not deterred from starting to smoke by the threat of possible fatal illnesses later in life — but were deterred by graphic pictures of how smoking would decrease their looks here and now.

  4. Anne Says:

    Maybe you should post the chicken soup recipe. I have a developing cold, too.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Lee Says:

    I think colds and other small health hiccups are good for the body – in the long term. It keeps our immune systems in check for when something big occurs.

    Without these little reminders our bodies would probably go into overload when a big thing occurs. Almost like what HIV does.

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