Homecoming Portrait

November 14th, 2008 by Editor B

We got our photos back from the homecoming dance. Here’s Persephone with her date, Sebastian.

Homecoming Portrait

I was intrigued by the setup. They use a digital camera and take the portraits in front of a green screen. Then you can choose from a gallery of backgrounds. Cheesy, but fun.

5 Responses to “Homecoming Portrait”

  1. lemming Says:

    Looks pretty steamy. Have you verified that s’s intentions are long-term?

  2. julesb_town Says:

    too funny!

  3. Robyn Says:


  4. David Says:

    That look on her face is funny.

  5. Maitri Says:

    If Persephone looks like that at her prom, you’ll be able to put your baseball bat away. She does look funny. Cute all around, though.

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