Partly Nippy

October 27th, 2008 by Editor B

It was cooler today, with a bit of a nip in the air, the first hint of cold weather since spring.

I object to this turn of affairs. I don’t know if it’s my body or my mind that takes greater umbrage. But I can feel myself clench up, mentally and physically. I was a little uneasy and out of sorts all day.

Some people enjoy this. Some people — native New Orleanians even — seem to take relish in reminding me that it isn’t even really cold yet. Inevitably we get into the topic of how I grew up in Indiana, and how I lived in Sweden for a year up by the Arctic Circle.

Was I born with thin blood or am I just a mental case? Don’t know.

It’s cool in our house now, but not really cool enough to fire up our two wall furnaces. I expect it will be actually undeniably cold tomorrow morning, like in the mid-40s.

It will be warming up in a few days, I hope.

A little brandy helps.

3 Responses to “Partly Nippy”

  1. David Says:

    A week ago it snowed for the first time in Toronto. I was not happy to see that. But fortunately, it didn’t stick, and it has since warmed up.

  2. liprap Says:

    Oh, hell, I’m not ready for this weather, either.

    My dog, on the other hand, is loving it. Then again, she’s got the permanent fur coat on…

  3. David Says:

    This morning I woke to find the ground dusted with snow. Also, it’s 7 am and no sign of the sun.

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