Conversation at the SpeeDee Oil Change

October 22nd, 2008 by Editor B

Male Employee: I sure do like a short woman.

Xy: Well, my husband is 6’4″.

That cooled his jets for a bit. But then he came back with:

If you ever get divorced, let me know.

4 Responses to “Conversation at the SpeeDee Oil Change”

  1. julesb_town Says:

    what a hoot!

  2. Lee Says:

    XY is a very sassy, yet attractive woman. You’re one lucky man B.

  3. chrissieroux Says:

    What a pick-up line! I wonder if he ever has any luck with that?

  4. Maitri Says:

    I get “Do you have a sister?” much more than I would like. “No, but I do have a brother,” is my response.

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