April 28th, 2008 by Editor B

A mysterious fungus sprung up in one of our flowerpots this weekend. It looked creepy and beautiful and smelled terrible. What could it be?

Basic Shape

Spongy Texture

Funky Slime

Another Emerges

Turns out it’s a Stinkhorn, a Columned Stinkhorn, to be exact: Clathrus columnatus. A tip of the hat to Lisa Mulvey for the quick ID.

5 Responses to “Stinkhorn”

  1. spab Says:

    If vibrant colors are an indication of poisonous, this one would sure be a candidate.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Thank you both….I get these in my yard sometimes and always wondered what the hell it was. Stinky, creepy – yuck!

  3. Breny Says:

    Ugh–I hate those things. I hope you got rid of it. We had a rash of them a couple of years ago and I was digging out those little mushroom balls for days trying to keep them from sprouting.

  4. fungus investigator Says:

    I think its a squid stinkhorn or something like that. Its in the family of stinkhorns

  5. Sara Emily Taypot Says:

    They poped up so fast, it only took one hour for it to pop up.
    How do you get rid of them?
    Are they safe to eat? Are children safe around them?

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