February 19th, 2008 by Editor B

My mouth is numb from a visit to the dentist. They drilled on a couple teeth on my upper left and one on my lower right. The anesthetic did its job. I didn’t feel a thing. Completely painless. The criss-cross numbness makes me feel like the Harlequin of Novocaine. Unfortunately I think I’ve chewed a small hole in my cheek without realizing it.

Later: Lunch was a minor disaster. Turkey sandwich with a side of lip.

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  1. LatinTeacher Says:

    I used to do that every time I went to the dentist. At some point I realized that I actually didn’t need the novocaine. I now ask the dentist to do whatever it is he is going to do without it. The pain of the drilling and the filling are much less than the pain of chewing through the inside of my mouth.

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