12 Replies to “Baby Dilemma”

  1. You got the baby. you found the baby. The Baby is yours. So when you buying the next cake? Endymion Saturday?

  2. I’m not sure–I always thought you had to end up with the baby on your plate in order to assume responsibility.

    But that sure does look like a delicious king cake.

  3. I’ve had friends who would rather chew up the fetus and swallow it than admit that they got the baby. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a turd with a plastic arm coming out of it.

  4. When I worked at Tulane Medical Center, it became clear where a baby was in the king cake, and people started cutting around it. By the end of the day, there just was four limbs sticking out of a little wad of dough.

  5. Heh. A bum ankle’s got nothin’ to do with it. You discovered it, you got it. Period. And as Shlomo Ha’Melech would probably say, if you care so much about it, then it is yours.

  6. I’ve gotta buy the next king cake. Although, given that Carnival is almost over, I may just have to buy the first king cake of the season next year.

    Also, MF, we got your package — very battered but with contents intact. Some of the cutest baby clothes ever. Thank you very much.

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