On Being XL

I wanted to record my thoughts on being 40 years of age, but I frittered away the year. Now I’ve only got a few hours left.

There’s not much to say, except that physically I feel pretty much the same as I did at 30. The long slow inevitable decline may have already begun, but I’m not feeling it yet.

Except for my eyes. In the last couple months I’m having a little trouble focusing on objects that are extremely near — like a couple inches from my eyes. I assume this may be the earliest signs of creeping presbyopia.

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  1. Happy birthday! I’m sure you’re in a lot better shape than me, and I turn 46 this year (which is totally unimaginable to me). I still don’t feel that old, though. Perhaps age really IS is your mind (until your body says otherwise!).

  2. Scott, I’m on the bike about twenty minutes — ten in the morning, ten in the afternoon, to and from work. In other words, not enough to qualify as serious exercise.

  3. Happy birthday and welcome to your 40’s, during which you’ll surely get reading glasses and you can still make your body do most of things you want it to, it just takes longer to recover. But you really are wiser.

  4. Thanks for all the well-wishes, people. Aside from these cyber-greetings I’ve got no festivity in my life whatsoever. Xy didn’t even say “Happy Birthday” this morning, and she has report card conferences this evening! No one at the office knows it’s my birthday, because I’ve kept it under wraps.

    I am now officially 41.

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