A Fleeting Glimpse of My Electrician

August 31st, 2007 by Editor B

Mike came by yesterday and did some electrical work on our house. We’ve been waiting for so long I’ve lost track. He finally hooked up the whole house fan that Mark installed in Mid-July. Unfortunately it’s blowing the wrong way.

Mike was supposed to return with a crew today to address the 101 small tasks that remain. But no show. Promises he’ll be back on Tuesday… We’ll see.

3 Responses to “A Fleeting Glimpse of My Electrician”

  1. ? Says:

    Could you bring your wiring to Rue on Magazine around 7:20 am?

  2. Lee Says:

    So it blows instead of sucks? How great! LOL!

  3. b.rox » Blog Archive » More Fan Follies Says:

    […] I drew their attention to the whole house fan. It was installed in July and wired up in August. […]

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