May 31st, 2007 by Editor B

Some days I feel pretty gloomy about the way things are going in my little area of Mid-City.

But on other days I feel much more optimistic. Today is one of those better days.

For one thing, Charles is coming back. ACORN gutted his house today, and he’s doing right by Road Home. He’s going to be able to rebuild his 110 year old house which is just down the street from ours.


Charles is one of the few homeowners in the immediate area. When he’s back in the ‘hood with Gwen and Xy and me, I predict the stability factor will increase 50%.

Charles was a sight for sore eyes. But I’m also feeling good because across the street some guys are sitting at a folding table playing dominoes. There’s even a white dude at the table.

It’s almost starting to feel like Mid-City again.

On our side of the street, two teenage boys are lounging atop a car. They’re acting all thuggish and hard, as teenage boys are wont to do, but they’re playing Connect Four. That cracks me up.

8 Responses to “Maybe”

  1. Marion Says:

    Time heals all wounds…but I sure it great to have wounded company.

  2. Marion Says:

    Man! talking in these boxes is rough…pardon my previous the grammar hiccups.

  3. Marion Says:


  4. Varg Says:

    Can I come by and get some of that wood?

  5. ashley Says:

    Good for Charles. Good for Mid-City. Good for New Orleans.

  6. Julesb_town Says:

    so glad to hear the good news. The “connect four” description was hilarious-cracked me up too- Peace to you and NO

  7. chrissieroux Says:

    Connect Four! Awesome.

  8. EEB Says:

    JEFFERSON INDICTED which brings one to think: who’s the next bafoon
    to replace him?

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