State of the City

May 29th, 2007 by Editor B

Kudos to Silence Is Violence for letting people know about Nagin’s State of the City address tomorrow. [Wednesday, May 30, 6:30pm, Nat’l D-Day Museum]

4 Responses to “State of the City”

  1. meekorouse Says:

    don’t suppose it’ll televised will it??

  2. Alan Gutierrez Says:

    Doubtful. You should attend in person.

  3. EEB Says:

    Yes, let’s hissss!!!!!

  4. Editor B Says:

    The speech will be streamed on and broadcast live on WWL 870 AM at 7:00 PM Central. It’s not clear who will be allowed in to actually see the live event, though Silence Is Violence has been in communication with the mayor’s office and say their supporters will be welcomed. Apparently there are also bus tours of the city’s “Targeted Recovery Zones” departing from the D-Day Museum beginning at 3pm.

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