May 15th, 2007 by Editor B

Jerry Falwell’s passing today gives me pause to reflect. Twenty-odd years ago I was fascinated by Falwell. I got on his mailing list and joined his organization by sending in a donation of one penny. I got a membership card which I shrink-wrapped and still have today. Believe it: I’m a card-carrying member of the Moral Majority.

8 Responses to “Falwell”

  1. Alan Gutierrez Says:

    What did you learn from watching his career over these last twenty?

  2. M.A.D. Says:


  3. Adrastos Says:

    You oughta scan the card and post it for posterity.

  4. Howie Luvzus Says:


  5. Andrea Says:

    B, you never fail to make me chuckle!

  6. EEB Says:

    Yah! Baaabiiieee!

  7. Frank Schiavo Says:

    I spent the day singing, “ding dong the witch is dead.” When I think of the culture of fear & suspision people like him have nurtured in our country over the last 30 years I just cringe.

  8. mominem Says:

    Did anyone catch Larry Flynt’s tribute on Larry King? Interesting.

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