April 12th, 2007 by Editor B

I got a note today from Dr. Paul. (I finally put pen to paper and wrote him a letter last month.) By sheer coincidence, tonight CNN ran an interview with Paul. It’s the first time he’s talked on television since Helen was killed.

There was a screening of short films at Canal Place tonight, including one by Helen. We wanted to go, but we didn’t. Xy had too much homework.

I thought I would have more to say about all this, but I find I don’t.

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  1. chrissieroux Says:

    Abeona House received a letter from Paul. It just broke my heart. He wrote about how well Francis Pop is doing, but the letter emanated complete sadness and devastation. I run into people all the time who were his patients at the clinic and it reminds me over and over again what a terrible loss this is, on so many levels.

    I didn’t see the CNN interview. I wish I’d known about it. How was it?

  2. Editor B Says:

    The interview was on Anderson Cooper 360. It was about as respectfully done as one could hope for. I can’t really trust my analysis on that level though. All I can think about is how tragic the whole thing is.

  3. Sheila Says:

    Little behind on my reading. Wow, I hadn’t known Paul was doing the interview.

    I’ve gotten a couple of postcards from him, which gave me the same impression–that his focus on Francis is the only thing keeping him together.

  4. Lithuanian Says:

    Our heart goes out for Paul and Francis Pop. And we thank You, Bart, for keeping us aware about life in New Orleans.

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