Street Scrape

October 16th, 2006 by Editor B

OK, this is a little gross, but it’s also kind of funny. Don’t look if you’re extremely squeamish.

Still with me? Great, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. Click to enlarge if you dare.


B Cleans Up

Scooping the Carcass

Body Bag

The Stain Remains the Same

Thanks to DJ for manning the camera!

11 Responses to “Street Scrape”

  1. Sophmom Says:

    Dead rat. That’s the best kind. You’re a good citizen, B, for doing the scraping. Yech.

  2. Editor B Says:

    Further thoughts: This struck me as funny because we all laughed at the time. But why? I don’t think it’s a “guy thing” (as a friend suggested) because there were some females there who seemed just as amused. I thought maybe some humor derives from the fact that it’s someone else’s adversity, so you might laugh because it’s me rather than you scraping that dead rat off the street — laughter borne of relief. But then why did I think it was funny? Maybe just a coping mechanism to deal with something gross? I don’t know.

  3. Lee Says:

    I think the look on your face in the second picture says it all………’re proud

  4. ashley Says:

    Dead skunk in the middle of the road…

  5. greg Says:

    Good to see the Arby’s drive-thru is back in business.

  6. MF Says:

    Maybe the amusement is just sumblimated glee that one more rat has left the world? I think that would make everybody happy, as mean as it may sound. People would have a different reaction if it were something cute, or maybe even neutral, laying in the road.

  7. Jen Says:

    Cool! Where in Sweden did you live?

  8. oleblue Says:

    You know in some parts of the world people eat that. ;-)

  9. Tim Says:

    Here’s to you, B! Score one for the good guys.

    One of my cats was playing with a tiny rodent the other day–I think it was a kangaroo rat or something. Stupid domesticated animal had no idea what to do with it. I watched her play with it for a few minutes and then I had to step in before it got away. I grabbed a brick and finished the job. That’s the only rat I’ve seen around my place. I didn’t post pictures because I knew my Darling Wife and Precious Daughter would have a freak fit if they knew about it. They just adore anything small and fuzzy–whether it carries plague or not does not seem to matter.

    Our motto should be, “Building a better New Orleans, one dead rat at a time!”



  10. rickngentilly Says:

    jeez man the same exact thing happened to me yesterday. the only diff. was i used a flat shovel instead of a spade. shit i hope i dont cut my bird finger. i need it now that i’m driving to kenner every day for work.

    the aftershock for me was i sat in my backyard for an hour watching the squrills in the pecan tree trying to figure out why i wasnt wishing them death.

    how in the hell can some fur on your tail make you o.k.?

    i have pondered this my entire city life and cant come up with an answer.

  11. Michael Says:

    Save it for when we attack Metairie with flaming rats shot out from a catapult

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