Signs of Life

August 30th, 2006 by Editor B

A photo of mine is featured in the new book, Signs of Life. It’s this one, taken on September 25, 2005 just a few blocks from my home in Mid-City New Orleans:

Dare You Katrina

Profits from the sale of the book go to Common Ground Relief and Hands On Network.

6 Responses to “Signs of Life”

  1. Lee Says:

    And a good picture of that. When I first saw it I almost thought it was placed on your house. Dare you Katrina seems so much like something XY and you would say, and put on a sign!

  2. M.A.D. Says:

    Do you feel like you’re on the verge of becoming a Katrina grass roots celebrity or spokes-person or celebrity or something similar? Your passion, awareness, and perspective seem unique and valued by many. I just get this gut feeling that sometime soon, someone will find the video and words you’ve produced and convince you that your calling is calling you.

  3. Editor B Says:

    MAD, that’s flattering, but to be honest — no, I don’t feel an incipient sense of celebrity. Two reasons: One, I’ve been a “self made celebrity” since the early 90s and so all this recent stuff is actually kind of old hat. Two, I’m surrounded by a community of talented and creative people who are doing much the same as I am. For example, there’s something like 120+ New Orleans bloggers, and more popping up every day.

  4. Sophmom Says:

    Celebrity or not, you take kick ass pictures.

  5. Slimbolala Says:

    Hey, I got some pics in there too. I guess we’re virtual collaborators. Pleasure to bloggy- meet you.

  6. Mamish Says:

    I’m in there, too. I hope they sell a bunch of ‘em.

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