Sweeter Ride

Giant Sedona LX

I got my new bike from Adam’s. It was ready about ten days earlier than expected. I’d wanted to get the same bike I’d had before, a Raleigh Venture 5.0. But I guess the factory was out of stock, at least in my size. So I ended up getting the comparable model from the competition: Giant’s Sedona LX.

So far, I’m very impressed. It seems to ride even better than the Raleigh. Perhaps I’m simply seduced by the shiny new gears.



But I don’t think so. It feels rock solid. Let’s see. It’s got a 23″ Oversize ALUXX butted FluidForm aluminum frame, an SR Suntour Magnesium 75mm fork, Shimano push-button shifters, Hayes MX-2 disc brakes and MTB Comfort Anti-Puncture 26 x 1.95″ tires with Slime Sealant-Filled Tubes.


Disc Brake

Yeah, I think this will get me around town. It cost a few bucks but it’s worth it. This is my primary means of transportation. And I won’t be leaving this on my front porch where it can be stolen. They’ll have to break into the house if they want to get their hands on this one.

PS: A big thanks to Elliott and Wink for the loaners.

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