May 17th, 2006 by Editor B

As it develops, not only am I on the search committee to find my new boss — I’m the damn chair.

5 Responses to “Chair”

  1. Mike The Mathematician Says:

    Chairs get a lot of ass…not the good kind.

  2. lemming Says:

    Power and authority!!!!

    Um… any openings for Americanm history types?

  3. Adrastos Says:

    Hire yourself.

  4. pj Says:

    how about fred reed?

  5. Editor B Says:

    I was just de-chaired! Seems the leadership wants a faculty member to lead the committee, which I think makes a certain amount of sense, and in fact I said the same thing at our first meeting. I was flattered that they placed their confidence in me, but I suppose I’m relieved not to have the added responsibility of chairing this committee.

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