White Boy

April 29th, 2006 by Editor B

I just got called “white boy” as I rode my bike past the Iberville projects:

“White boy! White boy! Come here!”

Just like old times. I haven’t been white boyed since Katrina. Yes, things must be getting back to normal here in New Orleans. By way of contrast, just a month ago I rode my bike through the Iberville projects and encountered some young men smoking reefer on the sidewalk. I think they wanted to intimidate me, but they were off their game. They called me “bike boy.” It was kind of pathetic.

4 Responses to “White Boy”

  1. jimlouis Says:

    Congratulations white boy. For more guaranteed chip up on their shoulder urban edginess try the Galvez/Canal Spur (Ideal Mart). It is as you say (and to me even more so than before), pathetic.

  2. polly Says:

    haha, that would SO not happen in bloomington–

    1,) prevalence of ‘white boys”

    2.) PC police!

    check out my best friend since age 6 [!] http://www.katrinafirlik.com

    she’ll be on NPR, fresh air, this tuesday!

  3. spab Says:

    While living in Providence I was called “cracker” in an interesting part of town. Funny, I didn’t feel threatened by the word at all. The word just doesn’t have the power that other racial slurs do. Of course if those guys had baseball bats in their hands, I would think different.

  4. Brian Jones Says:

    Sounds like a combination of race and age discrimination. Shouldn’t someone of your years be known as “white man”?

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