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March 15th, 2006 by Editor B

If you’d like to be apprised of new posts to this weblog, you can now subscribe (through a plugin I’ve installed) and you’ll get an e-mail whenever I post something new.

Alternatively, you can subscribe via FeedBlitz. The difference is that with FeedBlitz you’ll get an e-mail sometime within 24 hours after a new post. You can also get more fancy formatting, but they are a third party and I know virtually nothing about them, so proceed at your own risk.

Of course, it’s probably better to use a news aggregator, but if you know what that is you probably don’t need any help from me. Then again: If you use MyYahoo, you can add headlines from this blog to your custom start page just by following this link.

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  1. Markus Says:

    Don’t know how I’ve missed your site before. It’s fantastic. I’ve added you to my link gutter. Reciprocity alwys appreciated but not required.

    Remembering Katrina, Envisioning New Orleans

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