This morning I had a delicious breakfast at the Runcible Spoon with Ron Osgood and Thom Gillespie.

Afterwards, I blew a stop sign at 4th & Dunn. I don’t know if I was tired or fiddling with the radio or what. I just didn’t see the sign.

The good news is that this screw-up didn’t result in a traffic accident. The bad news is that there was a cop right behind me.

When he saw my Louisiana driver’s license with the New Orleans address, and I explained that I was headed back there in two days, I thought maybe I’d catch a break.

Not so. He wrote me a citation, or a “complaint” as it says on the paperwork, for an “infraction.”

He didn’t have a fine schedule for me, so I had to call the Monroe Circuit Court to learn what I owe: $113.50.

I wanted to go right down there and pay cash, but the clerk told me the officer’s paperwork won’t be processed for a couple weeks, so it looks like I’ll have to mail a money order from New Orleans.

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  1. Bart

    The men in blue are always on the lookout in B/Town. Sorry that you got nailed — what a send-off.

    Many years ago, I got stopped in Indy while migrating to KC from NYC. The cop said, “If I were you — I’d leave the state in the a. m. (that was before “Mitch” time) and never get stopped in IN again!” I did and it worked. No fine. No time.

    Safe trip to you and yours.


    PS: I’ll bet that the county clerk would accept a bunch of shrimp or gumbo for payment.

  2. For some reason I pictured you driving the station wagon with “Voodoo” painted on the side. That would be appropriate for a car with New Orleans, LA plates.

  3. With all due respect, Spab, “Cops are only good for giving tickets. I hate when life dishes out this kind of absurdity,” is a moronic statement. A law was broken. Get over it. Or change the law. But don’t defecate on the person whose job it is to enforce it. It wasn’t like B got a ticket for doing 26 in a 25 zone or something. As far as traffic laws are concerned, blowing a stop sign is significant.

  4. Ouch! Glad that no one was hurt, though. As your Katrina experience points out, people are more important than possessions – or, in this case, the wherewithal to buy possessions.

    Can’t believe that it will take * weeks * for processing. !!!!

  5. Ouch! Amazing. Still, I’m glad no one was hurt. As your Katrina experience points out, people are more important than possessions – or, in this case, the wherewithal with which to purchase possessions.

    Weeks! Sheesh.

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