NOLA Status by ZIP

There’s a new report on from the City of New Orleans, breaking down the status of sections of the city by ZIP code. My neighborhood’s in 70119. Here’s the rundown:

Sewer: East Bank sewer system is inoperative
Water: Water for fire protection only — not potable
Electricity: Assessment 75% complete
Gas: Assessment 100% complete
Debris: Phase 1 Completed
Medical: E. J, Ochsner and W. Jefferson Hospitals open; Touro E.R. in progress; Kindred open for immunizations and some emergency care.
Transportation: Roads passable; signals inoperative; no temp signage yet in place. No bus service; no gas stations open
Fire: No water pressure
911: fully operational Sept. 30
Housing & Building Inspection: In Progress
Food: State Health Department must evaluate before re-opening for food service (3-4 days). Two 10-person teams available next week.

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