Good for the Soul

September 18th, 2005 by Editor B

About a week before Katrina hit, I turned on WWOZ and heard some super heavy jazz organ. I thought it was pretty cool, and paid special attention to the DJ when he announced it was Robert Walter.

The Friday before Katrina hit, the entertainment section of the Times-Picayune revealed that Robert Walter had recently moved to New Orleans and would be playing at Tipitina’s the following Thursday. I made a mental note and thought I might go to check him out with my friend David Bryan.

Then Katrina hit. But — surprise — last night I saw Robert Walter play right here in Bloomington at a club called Uncle Fester’s.

I bluffed my way in: “I hear people from New Orleans get in free.” And I presented my drivers license to the bouncer. It worked! Xy and I both got in free.

What a great show.

We also went to Second Story and saw Brando. They rocked.

4 Responses to “Good for the Soul”

  1. spab Says:

    How would you describe his sound? I see his site says he plays a “super heavy organ”. Just missed him playing here at Schubas the night before you caught him in Bloomington.

  2. Editor B Says:

    Describe his sound? Jazz trio instrumentals, with organ, drums and bass. Groovalicious and funkalicious.

  3. Joe Nickell Says:

    Robert Walter comes through Missoula often; in fact, I’ve interviewed him. Here’s a link:

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Brando is still around? Wow…I would have thought they would have broken up years ago! I guess I’m relieved there are still a few B-town groups that I remember still around…

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