August 7th, 2005 by Editor B

As a rule, Parade magazine is remarkably devoid of interesting content. But Xy found the following tidbit in today’s “Ask Marilyn” column:

Q: If our country decided to pool everyone’s weekly paycheck, then redistribute it equally, to what would our income amount? — Ed B., Virginia Beach, Va.

A: We’d make about $37,784 annually.

I’ve toyed with this question in the past myself, but I always got bogged down in the details. Marilyn avoids all details and provides a cold, hard number. I wonder how she got it. So many questions come to mind, I hesitate to list even one. Instead, I’ll just say this would be a pay boost for Xy and a pay cut for me. I suspect it would be a pay boost for most Americans.

And, you know, I’d gladly take the cut if it meant the elimination of poverty.

3 Responses to “Redistribution”

  1. lemming Says:

    Hear hear.

    I don’t think it would end poverty, though. Wealth is linked to many factors, but one o fthem is how you spend (or don’t) what you earn. Not everyone has teh same definition of “essential” in matters of finance.

  2. Editor B Says:

    But, technically speaking at least, it might end poverty, since it would raise everyone above the governmentally-defined poverty level.

  3. Editor B Says:

    Just noticed that “Ed B.” in Virginia might be perceived as a pseudonym for me. But it’s not — just a coincidence!

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