Check One Two

I’ve been wondering how many people read any given post on this blog. (My web stats say this site averages between 200 and 300 visits per day, but of course that doesn’t indicate how many people really read any given post. I’m guessing it’s more like twenty, total. If that.)

So do me a favor and help satisfy my curiosity. If you read this, please leave a comment.

You don’t have to say much. Just “yo” or “hello” or whatever is fine. And of course you can be anonymous.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never read this blog before — or if you never plan to read it again. A certain amount of random traffic is the way of the internet.

If you’ve never left a comment before, don’t be shy! It’s easy. Just use the comment link/form below.

23 Replies to “Check One Two”

  1. Bart,
    I might be skewing the stats a bit. I’m OCD and I tend to run through my websights about 6 or seven times a day at least. When I’m under stress it’s more.

  2. You are in my Bookmarks list… not the bar, but the list, so I mosey on over to your site evern now and then. When I’ve abused the bar and burnt it out.

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