There were not too many films starting with “G” on my to-watch list. I’ve already seen Giant and Gandhi years ago, not to mention many lesser films.

I liked these pretty much:

Then there was Gigi. It was fun, but not quite as much fun as I’d hoped. Actually I enjoyed the film a good deal: it was colorful and nice to look at, some of the songs were fun, and especially I liked the spirit of cheerful amorality that pervaded the story. Maybe it ran a bit long. But I was severely disappointed with the final plot twist.

I’d actually already seen The Guns of Navarone but found it so boring that I’d blocked it from my mind; it all came crashing back after the first five minutes…

2 thoughts on “G”

  1. Gigi wins a gold star for being gosh darmed beatiful, even if the plot implications are a tad scary ( viginity for, er, what, exactly??)

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