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  1. I was actually thinking of Jaylene Marsh the other day, although I’ve only ever met her once. I got a pair of her old blue L.L.Bean corduroys at a clothes swap once. I brought them to China with me, and they still look great! In fact, I get compliments sometimes when I wear them.

  2. um, so when will we see the inevitable juxtaposed pictures of the turkey flaps next to granny punanny? hey–she started it.i need sleep.

  3. Hi B.Rox,

    I knew Jaylene when she was nanny to kids in Hampstead London (1999-2000 – I think?). Wondered how she was after all this time … lost touch … moved around a bit from London to LA and back many times …

    Enjoyed your site. Great blog!

    If you see, or speak with Jaylene I still have a book I bought for her (I think?) – Christa WOLF – “Parting With Phantoms”. I’ll be glad to send it on.

    By the way, JM is senior in what class?

    Liked the pix (with 1/4 left glass … typical!)

    All the best,

    Tym Quarman

  4. I tried to find Tym on the web, with no luck. all emails and websites are no longer active links. tym, are you anywhere out there?

  5. Tym gave me a copy of Christa Wolf, too. That was a long time ago, but if he’s still around, I’d like to know.

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