Tonight we went to Tyler’s again. Oysters have gone up to 25 cents because of Ivan.

The jukebox was playing Run-DMC and assorted hip-hop and R&B jams; Purple Rain was on the video; everybody was feeling good and having fun. Then a Billy Joel song came on. “Big Shot.”

I looked around the bar. There were maybe twenty people there. Xy and I were the only caucasians in the joint besides the bartender.

So I asked Xy: “Who the hell put that on?”

Xy thought people were staring at us.

“Don’t sing along,” she cautioned me, “or they’ll think it was us.”

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  1. Most clever.this entry is one of the fucking funniest things i’ve read in a long time.of course, i Have been drinking something called “Car-Bombs” for nigh on six hours. maybe i should be sleeping instead of drunkenly writing you.


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