Sweat is a good thing. I love to sweat. Lucky for me, because I’m doing a lot of it. It’s summer in New Orleans, and it is hot.

I just rode my bike in the midday heat to PJ & Andrea’s new house. It’s in Broadmoor. They closed the deal this morning, and we met at the new place for a 1:15 PM champagne toast. The seller did an excellent job on the remodelling. It’s like a new house, but with lots of old details. Gorgeous.

Then I rode my bike back to the university, and I am soaked with sweat. It’s nice to have a job where my shirt doesn’t always have to be clean. After all, what’s wrong with sweat? Fresh sweat doesn’t stink. (Old sweat does stink, which is why I bathe regularly.) It feels good to sweat. It’s healthy.

Of course, I have used antiperspirants for years, on my armpits. They reduce the amount of sweat under my arms dramatically. But they also contain that nasty aluminum shit, which Mr. Chris has just reminded me are Alzenheimer’s suspects. This question has been open for debate for ten years at least, and they still can’t give the aluminum in deodorants a clean bill of health? That’s frightening. I need to get off this aluminum shit now.

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  1. i just read ” used antiperspirants for years, on my armpits” as “used antidepressants for years, on my armpits.”

    It’s the heat, you see.

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