Toilet Before

Nothing beats getting up early after four hours of sleep, still drunk from the night before, to fix a troublesome toilet. Except failing to fix it.

We were replacing the wax gasket that sits between the bowl and the floor flange (for the second time — long story) and in so doing we discovered that the floor flange isn’t really firmly affixed to the floor at all. It’s just kind of sitting there. So it looks as if we will need to replace the floor flange and bolt it to the floor, which will entail drilling some new holes into the concrete. I’m sure we’ll also end up replacing the wax gasket a third time. I really need to get this toilet in working order before my in-laws come to visit in a couple weeks.

Props to my boss for coming over (again) to help me with this project.

Someday I will look back on this and laugh. But that day is not today.

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  1. B, I was under the impression that the flange just kinda sat there and that the weight of the toilet on the flange (esp. when filled with H20) created all the seal that you needed. Is this wrong?

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